Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ty's 6th B-Day

Well, Ben-10 took most popular toy category for the birthday boy this year! From the Omnitrix to the PS2 game, to the Sumo Wrestlers and action is safe to say Tyler was satisfied with his loot! Thank you to everyone who gifted! Thank you notes to come soon.... Celebration #4 at Sue-wee's, chocolate M&M cake, YUMMMM

Some photos of the 4 time celebration in a 2 day time period! We decided not to do a large kid party because I was able to take pizza and cake to school which was with all of his friends anyway (that and we are saving for DisneyWorld;))!
Tyler and his best friend Shamar
(P.S. - cake did not turn out quite how I wanted, the kindergarteners were impressed though!!)

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Natalie said...

When are you going to Disney world? we are going in April. Will you be there?!?