Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Stuff

Ryli got me to sleep last night...
I know it is against all universal parent rules but sometimes it just has to be done. We got Ryli in bed last night around 9pm. Which is normal for us, we are all night owls around here. Anyway, she kept coming up with all of the standard reasons that she didn't need her beauty sleep quite yet. Finally I got irritated enough that it was time to start threatening the loss of privileges until I looked at my sweet 4 year old daughter....She was standing about 3 feet away with her huge blue puppy dog eyes and her worn out FAVORITE night gown, I decided I would break the rules. I brought her into my bed, put on my flannel p.j.'s and snuggled up on her shoulder. We watched House Hunters (one of my favorites), she set her hand on my cheek and put me right to sleep. I woke up about an hour later and she had been replaced with Shane, who is equally as fun to snuggle with just not in the same way!

Cannon's I just woke up from a nap
get the camera out of my face look!

Other recent happenings:
We went to Fayetteville last weekend for William's 6th Birthday. We had a great time with Steve and Marisela, Hugh and Erin and all of the cousins! Thanks for the hospitality Steve and Marisela! The party was at the movie theaters and the movie was The Spiderwick Chronicles. Whoa! Tyler and Shane loved it, Ryli spent the movie buried in Shane's arms and me and Cannon went shopping of course! Since the movie Ryli has suffered some severe nightmares, I would not recommend it for the weak. Most of the children at the party ended up in the hall. Tyler and Shane started the book this week and Ryli isn't aloud to read it with them. She does better with stories of love, magic, and happily ever after!

Ryli and I went to a new shopping center while we were there with Marisela, Erin and Haley and they actually had a Sephora! Oh how I have missed the overwhelming feeling of cosmetic wonder! I bought a new mascara by Urban Decay called Big Fatty. Yes it is as volumizing as it sounds! My little Ryli got her first taste of cosmetic wonder as well and tried everything that was on her eye level (which at Sephora is just about everything). She walked out of there with hot pink lines across her eyelids, sparkles galore, bright lips, and some terrible smelling perfume. Wow it was quite the sight, and some serious female bonding had occured. I love having a little girl! The boys all packed up and went to Lokomotion for some go-carting and miniature golfing. Apparently Ty hit the jackpot on a roulette type game and walked away with 750 tickets! Maybe we'll have to sneak him in to a casino while visiting Vegas?!;) We left Saturday night, got home late, and ditched church the next day because we were really tired!

I bought Cannon a little potty this week because I got a great deal at a huge consignment sale. He has been carrying it everywhere and wants to put his "guys" in the toilet part to bring on his adventures around the apartment. Then I caught him sitting on the potty on the bench at our kitchen table eating his cereal. Boy does he scream if anyone else tries to sit on it, he is very territorial being the 3rd child and all. I have had to put the potty away for now. He isn't ready to use it and I really don't want him to think it's a toy.

Ryli inherited a dress up chest from Haley and has had her dress up about 90% of the time since we got back. She is pretty much obsessed with anything and everything girl. She wants lip gloss on ALL the time, only the kind with sparkles. She is constantly asking me when she gets to get on stage to dance. Her recital isn't until June but man she is counting down the days. She is quite the ballerina! She has broadened her horizons with food lately and Tacos (including ground beef) and Lasagna have made the cut. We are thrilled!

Ty is our complicated thinker. He wants to understand everything. Lately it is space, time, money, and everything revolves around counting down the days. We are going to Disney World in December and today he asked me why we have to save money for so long before we can go!! TEACHING OPPORTUNITY (neon sign blinking)! He probably asked because lately everything relates to it, if there is something he wants to buy or if he is playing rough around someone elses big screen t.v. (which happens more times than you might think)I always go back to "would you rather get that or go to Disney?" "if that breaks we will have to take it out of our trip money". Anyway back to the teaching opportunity, I explained the obvious answer and his reply was I wish it just costed a dollar. I guess that makes sense, but then I told him, it wouldn't be so special! He is obsessed with Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii right now (shane and I are too).

We are school hunting for he and Ryli for this next year, we will find out next week if we made it into a new charter school in downtown Little Rock that sounds fantastic. We are keeping all options on the table right now! We are also going to be moving in April to Little Rock, we will be house sitting for a family from church, more to come on that...

All for now, guess I had a lot more to say than I thought - Gotta love blogging!

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Michelle said...

Wow...what a post. I don't even know what to comment on because there was so much information:) Just one question though...where is the picture of Ry with her pretty Sephora make-up on?