Friday, February 22, 2008

My Heroic Bangs

a little convo with the hubby after getting my hair cut last night:

me: i know you can't tell but i have bangs now (they were pulled back in bobby pin)

shane: you have what? i've never seen you with bangs, what made you do that?

me: i don't know, Sayra just asked what i thought about cutting bangs and i said why not? hair grows back and far be it for me to deny an expert.

shane: it just surprises me because you aren't the type to do something just because someone suggests it, that's like you wearing something that you wouldn't normally wear just because someone else says it looks good.

me: are you calling me a follower? (smile) i like being the kind of girl that doesn't cry when trying something new with my hair. what about broadening my horizons, going out on a limb, being open-minded, maybe it's heroic to do something you've never done before on the spot.

shane: thats it hun, your bangs are heroic

me: i think so too

I had a friend from church do my hair last night, which I love by the way. I'm still getting used to the bangs but the cut and color are fabulous. (picture to come soon)

P.S.- Shane likes the bangs he says, he thinks my hair looks great no matter what. Good Answer.


Sarah said...

LOL! Classic post! Send pictures soon

Michelle said...

You have had bangs before. When you guys came down last time you had a few bangs...not a lot, but a few. Does this mean that you have a lot of bangs?? I can't believe you would post this and then not supply a picture...that is so wrong:) I can't wait to see these bangs...hurry up with the picture!

Kristin said...

yes, the bangs are a bit heavier. I still don't know, I have them pulled back right now! No picture until I can fix it right! You know how that goes...

Mary Sue Whitelaw said...

I have only one question: Does Spencer know about this?

Jeanie Whitelaw said...

Kris, I am shocked. At Christmas you asked me "What's up with those bangs?" Jeanie

Kristin said...

EASY Whitelaw's....Yes I gave Spence a courtesy email Sue-wee, and Jeanie I have to say that my new bangs are much more swoopy than yours, although still unsure and still wearing them back, I'll probably grow them out. Pretty easy considering how short my hair is!