Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Grumpy Valentine.......

This was Ryli getting ready for church this morning. She is quite the drama queen and today the drama was mean mom making her wear long sleeves to the winter, oh the horror!!!
Right now as I type (9:20pm) she is screaming in the kitchen because dad ended her "ice skating party" because they (she & Cannon) were busted sneaking cookies. Ty made sure to let me know he did not buckle under the sibling pressure, he did not partake.
For some reason my children hate to wear long sleeves and Ty especially hates to wear any kind of jacket or coat. Maybe this is a subtle sign to get back to the desert??!!

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Michelle said...

Oh my gosh...even grumpy Riley is the cutest thing ever. I love her outfit-long sleeves and all:) It looked like Tyler had a great birthday too. Can't wait to see you guys!!!