Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Where did 2007 go....

I can't believe it is already 2008. Tyler and I have been studying the planets so with the new year comes a whole new understanding of the earth's rotation around the sun. He has been counting down the days until earth gets all the way around then starts over again. Now to explain Leap Year....

We put up bunk beds yesterday for the boys, they were very excited to play on them. Cannon loved the idea of having a big boy bed until it came time to lay down. We eventually got him to sleep in the living room and then laid him down. He slept in it all night, I don't remember the last time my bed felt so big. I have to say that I've slept better though, I think Shane and I were just anticipating his angry cry in the middle of the night. We tossed and turned a lot. He woke up around 7:45am and seemed like his feelings were hurt that we pulled one over on him. In the end, I did miss snuggling up next to him. I love sleeping with my children, nothing compares.

So as far as resolutions go I am always afraid to make them as it seems like a jinx, but here it goes: I'm going to try really hard to cut sugar out of my diet, I'm skeptical needless to say, but I've done a lot of research and I'm really gonna go for it, it really is terrible for your body!! To live more green, I've started taking little steps, recycling batteries, taking my own bags to grocery shop, buying the longer lasting light bulbs. I realize it's not much but baby steps right?!! And lastly, I would really like to stay on top of my blog, we'll see.....

In an effort to help my children understand resolutions, or just goals in general I asked them what they would like to do for the New Year here is what I got-

Ty- got to the Childrens Museum a lot, and go camping

Ry- figure out how to become a REAL princess

Cannon- (I made his for him) Potty train:) and successfully transition to his own bed

Shane scoffed at my attempt to list his resolutions, the only ones he was willing to release to the public are to spend more time in the gym and to spend more time outside.....whatever!

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happyherma said...

I love your Blog. I can't belive how big Cannon has gotten. I LOVE his curly hair. I am tempted to grow Tads out again, Eric says "no". Anyway, keep in touch and give the kids a hug from all of us