Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My mom was transferred yesterday to an acute rehab facility. I was so glad to hear that she would begin work right away. I spent the night at home last night and with my family. I appreciate my life so much.

My mom has a lot of work to do. They therapists do not want us to help her do anything when we are visiting, they have their own way to teach her. She has a strict schedule of getting up at 5 a.m. for a shower, then breakfast, and a morning full physical, occupational, and speech therapy. The occupational therapist told her this morning that it would probably be about a year before she could use her hand again. Kind of discouraging to me but she is still really positive and feels like she is in really good hands.

It is so weird to have to take over another persons life. There are bills to pay, a house to clean, I have to stay in touch with her boss, neighbors, and of course there's Wilkes the yorkie wonder dog (her third child). My dad is taking care of him, thank goodness. That would push me over the edge for sure. Thank goodness for Sue-wee and everyone else who is sacrificing, I'm really grateful to have the best family ever!!

As much as I try not to think about how put out I am by all of this, it sucks. All of it. I can't imagine how bad it sucks for my mom yet she is staying so motivated. Hmmmm, sounds like a lesson. I guess it's time I start giving her some credit.......(most of you know how hard that is for me)

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LVCecils said...

Honey I am so sorry to hear about your mom! I'm sorry we all live too far away for us to help you guys with the kids. I know my kids would love to have your over so you could be with your mom. We'll be thinking about you guys.