Saturday, January 19, 2008

Goodbye Beloved Curls

Well, after many pleas from my husband the curls are no more! Cannon's hair has been growing since birth (2 yrs 1 month) and today I finally gave into the pressure. Honestly it was time. It got to the point that the curl would fall out after about 30 minutes of gel and spray and then go into mullet mode. Yeah yeah, I know we are in Arkansas but mullets just don't fly in our family. So I cried and still do a double take when I look at my baby, or big boy now. I guess by cutting his hair I feel like I'm letting go just a little bit. Oh the pain!!!!! I cherish my children and as much as I hate how quick the time is flying, I love the adventure that awaits.
The verdict: Shane says the short look isn't quite right for Cannon, we'll grow it out again.....hee hee....He's still pretty darn cute!!!!!


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Michelle said...

Oh my gosh...he looks like a different boy. Why do the guys always want to cut the boys hair. Eddy's the same way. He is still VERY cute; however, I have to agree with you...bring the curls back. They are just too adorable!!