Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas '07

This year was a blast!! We stayed so busy and it started with our ward party on Dec. 14. It was a lot of fun and we captured a miraculous photo of all of the children on Santa's lap all looking at the camera and smiling.....did the planets align?? On the 15th we it made to the annual Whitelaw Christmas gathering, first one since Ty was a baby. It was so wonderful to see everyone!! The next week was a little crazy, Ryli had her school party, Tyler had his, then on the 20th our youngest turned two. Cannon is not one who loves the spotlight but after some inspection decided that presents were okay. We were also hoping to see him tear into his cake which in usual Cannon-fashion proceeded to pick up every bite put it on his fork and then take a bite. It was exactly what you wouldn't expect from a two year old......but that's Cannon!
Christmas was as full as ever with breakfast making, house hopping, and then dinner making for some friends from church who were without family. All in all we had a great time and ended up with three new friends that now live in Ty's room.

Gram surprised the kids with three hamsters and so far they have been so much fun. Ryli named hers Serafina

Tyler named his Chip (of Chip n' Dale)

Cannon named his Gus Gus

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