Monday, September 10, 2007

Until Now...

Here we are, the five of us! This is where we are in life as of 10 September 2007:

Shane recently graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Finance and a minor in International Relations. His job hunt brought us to Little Rock AR, which made me very happy because this is where I grew up. Shane spends his Friday nights coaching Ty's soccer team and every other night of the week as Super Dad to three busy bodies!

Tyler is 5 1/2 and is very busy with Kindergarten and Soccer. He loves to read, play Star Wars, swim, and play with friends. He is definitely the oldest child with that natural born leader instinct emerging whenever possible. He is a fantastic big brother!

Ryli is 4 1/2 and is very busy with pre-school at Gymboree Play and Music and her Tap and Ballet classes. She is going to the same place I went as a little girl and I love that she will have the same great experiences and teachers that I had! She loves to dance, sing, play with friends, and read books!

Cannon (bubba) is great! He is now 20 months and has hit the terrible two's early! (or is it just a desperate attempt to be heard over his brother and sister?) He loves balls, drawing, reading books, and helping in the kitchen with just about anything! He is a very sweet guy, very much a mama's boy, for now anyway...

As for me, I'm the family taxi! You give me a place and a time and I'm there! I LOVE staying at home taking care of my little ones, there is no better place for me or them! I'm so blessed to have a supportive husband to get me through the tough days, they aren't always easy:) I love living close to my family. It's so great to be involved in the big events and every day life.

We are loving AR so far! The next step will be Grad school for Shane. In the meantime we are enjoying life in the south and watching our children grow. It goes as fast as it comes!!

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