Friday, January 4, 2013

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it's a new year and a new blog...and still a work in progress.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the Alps with Billy (picture overload)

After Oktoberfest we headed an hour south to Garmisch. 

We arrived in the dark, checked into our cabin, then grabbed a little dinner and crashed early. 
We decided to spend the morning on top of a mountain, via gondola.
It was our first one. It was a little scary, but very cool.
 waiting for our ride
 the ever enthusiastic theo

 the walk out from below (that thing scared me to death)

 he's impressed!
 on top of the walk out. even shane said it gave him a rush.

 I couldn't make myself go out- Ryli either. everyone else did it.

 Billy the Brave
 the view
 in the upper right of the pic you can see a group of Polish people attending a Catholic mass

 us on top of the Alps...
 Ty's perfect spot

 good big sis

heading down, snacking on pretzels.
(we are really lucky we didn't lose a child off the side of the mountain.)

we had to get Billis back to his hotel so he could do his German chemistry thing. a sad farewell, but we were SO glad to have him for a day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Scenes from Oktoberfest

We bundled up and headed to Munich for Oktoberfest.
 It was really just a glorified state fair, with beer tents and lederhosen.
 We also got to hang with Billy. He's sort of the reason we made the trip.
 Something was amazing!

 To: Lucy, Love: Ryli
 The kids got to pick a ride (only one each because it was super pricey!)
 It seemed harmless, but Cannon hates things that go around.
 Then Ty and I jumped on this beast.
It gave me motion sickness- guess I'm  getting old.
While we rode, everyone else watched the gnome train.

This guy loved it!
 Doesn't this tent look delicious?
 We got some hot chocolate to warm up, and buy a little more time from the kiddos.

This is my favorite picture, the scale of the spires against the swings...and the sign in the foreground.
My anti-social butterfly. He spends a lot of time like this.
Two men and a brat.

Topless man, partied out. It was way too cold for that business!

Then we took off to the Alps-